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Ask Pankaj Khanna »
Career Predictions Rs. 300.00 INR
  Plan your career step-by-step with the help of Vedic Astrology, which can lay bare before you the choices and challenges in your professional life.
Year Ahead Predictions Rs. 900.00 INR
  How is 2011 for you? What does it promise and what does it deny? Is the road ahead smooth or does it contain lot of potholes and speadbreakers?

With your Year 2011 prediction report, get 1 Five Mukhi Rudraksha absolutely FREE!
Mangal Dosha Rs. 300.00 INR
  Consult Shri Pankaj Khanna if you are Manglik. Find out the possible ramifications how can it get cancelled and the remedies.
Sadhe Saati Rs. 400.00 INR
  Find out the meaning of Saadhe Saati. When you will have Saadhe Saati? What are possible effects ? Any important observation on the chart.Remedial measures if needed or if possible.

Dasha Analysis Rs. 399.00 INR
Consult Shri Pankaj Khanna with reference to your Dasha
Planetary Transit Rs. 500.00 INR
  Find out your horoscope basics, placement of dominant planets, effect of planetary transit and possible remedies
Ask a question Rs. 400.00 INR
  Ask Shri. Pankaj Khanna solutions to your problem
Life prediction Rs. 1250.00 INR
  Get indepth interpretations of your natal chart in context to Vedic Astrology
Love prospects Rs. 300.00 INR
  Will you ever find love in your life and when will you find it? What kind of person he or she will be? Do you have a love marriage or an arranged marriage in your horoscope? Will you emerge flirtatious or as a single partner person?
Marriage Prospects Rs. 500.00 INR
  Get analysis of your Birth chart and Navamsa chart and the strengths and weakness of your planets.
Matchmaking Analysis Rs. 500.00 INR
  Get your relationship analyzed in detail and find out whether you are meant to be life partners or not.
Child Birth Prospects Rs. 500.00 INR
  Find out when is it possible to conceive a child? How many children? Will the children be healthy and will they settle down well ? Any special remedy for conceiving earlier?
Education Prospects Rs. 500.00 INR
  Find out your educational prospects. Take help of Vedic Astrology to find out if there are any obstacles in your educational life and are there any remedies for them?
Finance Report Rs. 300.00 INR
  Find out what is the strength of your horoscope on the financial front. Know the best dashas financially for you and how your financial life will be in general. Find out if sudden windfalls or losses are indicated in the horoscope? Get an indication with reference to speculation. Get guidance/remedies to improve your financial position from an astrological standpoint.
Health Prospects Rs. 300.00 INR
  If you are concerned about your health or health of a near and dear one get the health prospect report.
Business Report Rs. 300.00 INR
  Vedic Astrologers by looking at 2nd , 6th, 10th and 11th house of the horoscope can make out a lot about the chances of success in Business. Find out if you will be lucky in business.
Going Abroad Rs. 500.00 INR
  Do my stars indicate foreign journeys? Can I settle abroad?
Do I have gains from foreign lands? How strong is my chart in this aspect?
Gem/Rudraksh remedies Rs. 300.00 INR
  Get a greater understanding from Shri Pankaj Khanna with reference to which gems/rudraksh is the right one for you. Find out why a specific one is being recommended, the recommended size and method of wearing it.
Property Report Rs. 300.00 INR
  Are you planning to buy a Property? The 4th House tells us about the property prospects of a horoscope. The Lagna and the 12th Lord also play a role. Find out the conducive dashas for property gain for you. Get guidelines for enhancement and remedies.
  Report shall be emailed within 10 days unless mentioned otherwise.