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Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma...of Hindustan Times fame...personally responds to each of your queries

Ask Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma »

Year Ahead Prediction -2011 Rs. 3000.00 INR
  Shri Prem Kumar Sharma provides you insight and wisdom for 12 months, inorder for you to take informed decisions in the coming year.

With your Year 2011 prediction report, get daily Vedic Luck predictions for 3 months absolutely FREE!
Ask 3 Questions Rs. 4500.00 INR
  Ask 3 questions pertaining to any one area of your life... these questions must be specific in nature.
Dream Analysis Rs. 1850.00 INR
  No dream is meaningless, infact your dreams say so much about you and your subconscious thoughts and reflections. Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is an acclaimed expert at analysing dreams.
Business Compatibility Rs. 6000.00 INR
  Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma can give you indepth insight into your Business Compatibility, before you take that big decision.
5 Year Reading Rs. 6850.00 INR
  Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma provides a detailed 5 year report. What you know today; may help your decisions for tomorrow.
Vaastu Counselling Rs. 2400.00 INR
  Building a home or thinking of buying one? It is a once in a lifetime decision and it is important that you get it right! Consult Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma who is known for his expertise not only in Vedic astrology but in Vaastu as well.
Report shall be emailed within 20-25 working days unless mentioned otherwise.