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Mita Bhan

Mita Bhan

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Year Ahead Prediction -2011
Rs. 1600.00 INR
Mita Bhan gives you tarot forecast for the coming year 2011

With your Year 2011 prediction report, get daily Vedic Luck predictions for 3 months absolutely FREE!
Ask a Question
Rs. 600.00 INR
Allow the ancient mysteries of the Tarot to reveal insights to any of your questions related to love, career, marriage etc. And remember the more specific your question, the more focused will be your answers.
Professional Report
Rs 1800.00 INR
A detailed look at your current professional situation, the hidden influences, the possible outcomes along with some practical advice to any question related to your career, your business or your finances. Remember, the more specific your question, the more focused will be your insights.
  Will you find true love? Rs 500.00 INR
A three card tarot reading to discover if your current relationship is true love, or to find out the possibilities of true love in your life.
  Prosperity Report Rs 1500.00 INR
A detailed tarot spread showing past, present, future, with guidance on what needs to change to improve the financial situation, action to be taken and the future/potential card if actions are taken and changes made
  Love Report Rs 1500.00 INR
A detailed look into your marriage/relationship with insights into feelings, needs and expectations of both parties with advice and possible outcomes.
  Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage Rs 750.00 INR
Love or Arranged marriage? A five card tarot spread to explore whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage.
Report shall be emailed within 20-25 working days unless mentioned otherwise.