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Profile (Mita Bhan)

Mita Bhan Fascinated by the Tarot since her childhood in South East of Asia, Mita Bhan undertook the study of this popular tool of divination and self discovery 7 years ago with the valuable guidance of senior Alternative Healers and Tarot readers in Europe and Asia.

A US certified Tarot Reader she is a member of the World Tarot Network and a certified Reiki (Usui) Healer, and has read film stars, artistes, professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers and students in South Asia, South East Asia, North America and Australia

Her articles on Tarot and Alternative Healing have been published in local weeklies and her Tarot forecast column appears as a regular in the Dance of Life, a spiritual magazine geared towards empowering the individual. She’s also appeared on FM Radiocity and is a regular speaker at various public forums.

When she’s not reading at her healing studio in DLF City or at the Karmic Research Centre New Delhi, she works as a communications consultant and leads workshops on self discovery.


(For confidentiality purposes, the names of querents have been changed)

Although I never believed in Tarots etc. but after receiving your email report, and talking to you I found it to be quite accurate as far as I am concerned

                                                                                             PK, Pune

Your tarot reading offers an opportunity to self reflect on issues that may be going on within.

                                                                                             D.B. USA

I thank you for your helpful insight and for bringing me some new hope for the future. Your reading was excellent, very different from what I have seen, but very unique and informative. I thank you once again and may God Bless you now and always.

                                                                                    Angelina, Brazil

It has helped me realise what I need to work on and bring into control if I want this relationship to work. It has helped me in many ways and made me understand more which I needed to know instead of wondering what was going to happen.
                                                                                            Eddie, UK



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